Our Story

Mothers and Daughters

'Oh, $&*#!'

Jackie and Jennifer met through their daughters in 2017.  Jackie had been playing around with the idea of a subscription tampon business, but wanted a partner. Jennifer was always out of tampons when she needed them most, and knew Jackie was onto something.

Together, they started to envision a new business venture. They both loved the idea of eliminating that ‘Oh, $&*#!’ moment when you get your period but realize you forgot to buy tampons... 

Can you hold it in like pee?

…It quickly became apparent to them that they could do so much more for tween and teens entering puberty or in the throes of it. Their own daughters were starting to learn about periods and ask questions…a LOT of questions…

Can you hold in the blood like pee?

I have a hair down there. Does that mean I am getting my period soon?

Does a tampon fall out when you poop?

Their girls were also expressing concern about being unprepared when the moment came. Jackie & Jennifer quickly learned their daughters weren’t the only ones asking for pads in their backpacks and wondering what was going to happen to their bodies. 

Product, information, community!

Ashlyn Lee was conceived as a way to not only get moms and their daughters the products they need when they need them, but to provide honest, straightforward information as they enter this new phase in their lives—creating a community centered around encouraging empowered, healthy and confident young women.

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